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About Kathleen

Hi! I am Kathleen Townsend and I found my way into the field of interior design, by following a passion to make all things beautiful. For years I pursued the perfect ambience in my own world of design, as well as assisting others in color choices, space planning and more...

I answered my passion by obtaining a degree in Interior Design. I worked with a beloved and talented designer with a goal to venture out and start my own business. I have very happy clients, whether designing one specific room or many rooms. My clients have been "thrilled" with the design or their homes and have responded with return business and recommendations.

I am sure you will love my work and like me as well. I am unpretentious, and a designer with a great ear for hearing just what my clients want to do with their homes or businesses. I can offer you an exquisite world of high end sophisticated furnishings, yet I understand the need to work within your determined budget. I simply promise to give you the highest quality of design time and home or business furnishings.

Won't you give me a call?